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Jerome Thomere

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San Francisco
P.O. Box 14711
San Francisco, CA 94114

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July Ride Calendar
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Marshall Wall!
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Jersey Ride
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West Sonoma County
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Bike Ride to the Club Picnic
Annual Club Picnic at China Camp!
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Please signal any errors or omissions to Jerome.

To add a ride to the calendar, use the add-ride form or click on the "+" sign to the right of the date you want for the ride. Alternatively, contact the club's Web Editor.

Before leading a ride, download a copy of the Ride Waiver form. Have all participants read and sign this form.

After the ride, please fax or e-mail the completed form to the Ride Coordinator using the contact information at the bottom of the Ride Waiver form. (Or contact the Ride Coordinator for an address if you need to use snail mail.)


Rides are open to all club members, visitors, and guests. To ensure that you enjoy club rides, be sure to pick rides appropriate for your riding ability. Rides are classified by pace and terrain. If you are taking your first club ride, be safe and underestimate your ability. If you are unsure about a particular ride, contact the ride leader, who can provide more information about the ride and the expected difficulty. Helmets are required on all rides, and lights are required on night rides. Each rider should carry money for an emergency call and appropriate equipment (spare tube or patch kit, pump, water, food, and so forth).

Ride Key

PaceTerrainRide Type
A. Leisurely, frequent stops

B. Moderate, occasional stops

C. Brisk, few stops

D. Steady, strenuous, few stops

1. Mostly flat, easy grades, suitable for beginners

2. Few low hills, a challenge for beginners

3. Moderate hills with some challenges

4. Hills, some steep climbs, with some relief

5. Many steep hills and climbs, for strong riders



Wear DSSF Jersey

July 1 - 8:00AM • Saturday

Marshall Wall!

Distance: 100
Pace: D
Terrain: 5

Come join us for a classic ride out to Marshall Wall and then home via point reyes station. Meet at Peet's in the Castro @8.

Ride start:
2257 market st 94114
Peet's in the Castro
Ride Leader:
Joseph Collins


July 8 - 9:00AM • Saturday

Jersey Ride

Distance: 27/47/59 miles
Pace: A
Terrain: 3

This is the official monthly club ride for all members (guests are always welcome). The ride offers different distance and level options where once a month all DSSF club members can get out, ride and socialize with the club. The ride starts from Peet's in the Castro. There are three options so you can go at your own pace and distance so please pick the appropriate option to your level of ability, we want to make sure you enjoy the day. The rides split and regroup in Tiburon where we have lunch together as a group. This ride is usually on the second Saturday of each month; however there are a couple of exceptions for special events (see the calendar).

Distance: 27 Miles
Pace: A/C
Terrain: 3

Turn off at the end of the Sausalito bike path and go directly into Tiburon where the other riders will join you for lunch. You can ride back to San Francisco (or take the ferry to avoid climbing the Sausalito hill). This option is recommended for those who are newer to road cycling.

Distance: 47 Miles
Pace: B/C
Terrain: 3

This is a real fun loop with spectacular views! From Sausalito you have a small climb over Camino Alto before you head out and around the Tiburon Peninsula. This ride is recommended for the intermediate rider or for those who don't feel like the more strenuous third option.

Distance: 59 Miles
Pace: C
Terrain: 3

Split off from the group and make the climb up Conzelman in the Marin Headlands then climb up that small canyon, McCullough Road before heading back out to Sausalito to ride the Tiburon Loop. This is the faster paced, more advanced option with extra hills and mileage.
Meet At: Peet's Coffee in the Castro (16th and Market Streets). Please arrive between 8:30am and 8:45am for ride sign-up. Ride leaves at 9:00am.

You can find routes sheets with printable cues at:
http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1574859 (Shorter route - 40 miles, with possible bailouts in Tiburon (at mile 20) and Sausalito (at mile 30))
http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1599856 (Clockwise route, aka "Tiburon Loop")
http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1599771 (Counterclockwise route, aka "Reverse Tiburon Loop")

RSVP Required

Rain cancels: call
Ride start:
2257 Market Street
San Francisco, CA
(Peet's in the Castro - please let us know if you want to join us along the route)
Ride Leader:


July 16 - 10:00AM • Sunday

West Sonoma County

Distance: 40
Pace: C
Terrain: 3

Leaving from our home off Olivet Road, west of Santa Rosa, we will head to Occidental. There are a few rollers then a steep 1.1 mile climb on known as Harrison Grade which is a 8.1% grade, ending with a 8.6% grade. Once that is done it is mostly downhill into Occidental. From Occidental to Monte Rio is 6 miles of downhill through the redwoods. We will stop in Guerneville for coffee and snacks at Coffee Bazar. We then follow River Road east to West Side Road to the Wholer bridge and jog back on side roads through vineyards.

Ride start:
2260 Olivet Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Olivet Lane is a gravel road off Olivet Road and is on the east side of Olivet Road approx. 1/2 mile south of River Road. Look for a white sign with ~14 house numbers on it. Follow Olivet Lane to the very end, we are on the right, brown fence, parking is beyond the greenhouse.
Ride Leader:
John Mitchell
707 799 4506

July 22 - 8:45AM • Saturday

Bike Ride to the Club Picnic

Distance: 26/52
Pace: B
Terrain: 3

Come join us for a wonderful bike ride to/from the annual Club picnic at China Camp State Park (approximately 26 miles one-way, or 52 miles round trip.)

We will start at McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park and follow the normal route to Mill Valley, over Camino Alto, and then make a stop at Caffe Rulli in Larkspur. From there we'll head over Wolfe Grade to San Rafael and then after some San Rafael streets, we will head around Point San Pedro, with very little traffic, and some great views of the bay, beaches and swamps, even Mt. Tam if it's clear enough.

You can find a route sheet with printable cues at:

Meet at 8:45am, ride out at 9:00am.

Please RSVP separately for the picnic itself. If you want someone to drive your food up to the picnic, bring it with you to McLaren Lodge. If you want to drop your food off on Friday night at Sal's house in the Castro, send an email to: president@dssf.org

Rain cancels: yes
Ride start:
McLaren Lodge, San Francisco, CA 94117
We'll be starting at McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park, near the intersection of Stanyan and Fell. There should be ample parking close by.
Ride Leader:
Sal Tavormina


July 22 - 12:00PM • Saturday

Annual Club Picnic at China Camp!

Distance: 0
Pace: A
Terrain: 1

Come join us for the annual DSSF club picnic at China Camp State Park. Once again, we will be picnicking at WEBER POINT, which generally offers perfect weather and sweeping views of San Pablo Bay. PLEASE NOTE: Weber Point is located 0.3 miles SW of Buckeye Point, a location that has also been used in the past.

There will be a group bike ride to the picnic from San Francisco and back, or you can drive to the park and do some great MTB trail rides, or hike, or just relax.

As always, bring something to grill, and bring something to share. If you plan to join the group bike ride, someone will be available to transport your food up to the picnic site from McLaren Lodge.

Soft drinks, plates, and utensils will be supplied by the club.

Bring your friends and bring your bikes or just come and hang out and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Please RSVP separately if you plan to join the group bike ride to the picnic. If you are driving and would be able to transport any stuff to the picnic and/or any stuffed riders/bikes back to SF, please let Sal know.

Rain cancels: yes
Ride start:
Weber Point
Santa Venetia, CA 94901
If driving from San Francisco, cross the GG Bridge and go north on Highway 101 about 14 miles. On the north side of San Rafael, take the N San Pedro Rd exit and go east on North San Pedro Road for five miles until it enters China Camp State Park. Continue to follow the main road through the meadow until your pass Buckeye Point on the left side of the road. Continue another 0.3 miles to reach Weber Point, also on your left.
Ride Leader:
Sal Tavormina


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