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Half Moon Bay – Pescadero Loop

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 by bill

We had a great turnout on Saturday for our ride from Half Moon Bay down the coast to Pigeon Point and around to Pescadero and San Gregorio. Fourteen riders joined me (the most I can remember for a non-Jersey ride in years!) for this beautiful roller coaster of a ride. The weather was chilly and […]

Inaugural Monthly East Bay Ride

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 by bill

This past Sunday, two veterans and three new riders met at the Claremont Peet’s and began what will hopefully be a new monthly ride in the East Bay to cater more to club members and enthusiasts who live on that side of the bay. Alfred S and I were joined by Ge, Jean and Vanessa […]

Final Saddle Challenge results…

Monday, April 6th, 2009 by David Gaus

… are in! For the second year in a row, Larry L’Italien maintained the lead with the most miles ridden in March: 853! Doug Dexter completed 643 miles and Cameron Ross was right on his rear tire with 633 miles, so very close! Both Doug and Larry completed the Solvang Double Century with the longest […]