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Jerome Thomere

Different Spokes
San Francisco
P.O. Box 14711
San Francisco, CA 94114

Hosted by 1&1

Different Spokes San Francisco

Ride with pride !
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Different Spokes is the San Francisco Bay Area’s recreational bicycling club for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community. Founded in 1982, the club is open to all members of the LGBT community and its friends who have a shared interest in bicycling.

We offer a variety of cycling rides and social events throughout the year.

The club currently has 122 members, 11% of them are female. The annual membership fee includes the ability to set up your own rides on the calendar, an online subscription to the club's Yahoo!Group and other benefits, such as discounts at many bike shops.

Membership is not necessary for participation in any club ride. To have a better idea of what is going on at Different Spokes, check out our blog or our photo gallery.

Helmets are required for all club rides. Addresses and telephone numbers are used solely for club purposes and are not available to other sources. If you have any questions about the club, call any member of the board.

DSSF - Jerome Thomere

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Upcoming rides: October 25 - 8:45AM - Saturday: My Favorite Rides #8 - Morgan Territory (50 miles, C, 4)
October 26 - 8:45AM - Sunday: Furry and Fun #2 - Lake Hennessey-Berryessa Loop (45 miles, B, 3)
November 01 - 9:15AM - Saturday: Mt. Hamilton in the Fall (45 miles, B, 4)
November 08 - 9:00AM - Saturday: Jersey Ride (27/47/59 miles, C, 1)
November 09 - 9:00AM - Sunday: Furry and Fun #3 - Hollister Hills (55 miles, B, 3)
November 15 - 8:00AM - Saturday: My Favorite Rides #9 - Morgan Territory and Mount Diablo (71 miles, C, 4)
November 22 - 9:00AM - Saturday: Contra Costa Ramble: Carquinez Scenic Drive (48 miles, B, 4)

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Special Events Calendar for 2014: Events 2014  

Lately in the blog

2014 Fall Social Recap (10/20) We had a big turnout for this year’s Fall Social at Phil Bokovoy’s house in Berkeley. The last hurrah of excellent weather must have encouraged a spate of Spokers to roll over to the East Bay for the traditional rides, the ever-popular Three [...]
Dirt Riding (10/9) Last weekend I did a club ride starting in Pescadero and out Cloverdale Road into the back side of Big Basin State Park via Gazos Creek Road. After arriving at the park headquarters it continued up car-free Escape Road, a bypass to Highway 236 ( [...]
Gear Review: Camelbak Podium Ice Bottle (9/17)[caption id="attachment_1010" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Camelbak Podium Ice (21 oz) and Big Chill (24 oz) bottles[/caption] Water bottles are a cheap accessory usually running between $4 and $10, and unless you’re using a pack hydration s [...]
Riding With Lower Tire Pressure: HED Ardennes+ SL Wheels (9/16) After years of drinking the Kool-Aid that tires should be as thin as possible and pumped to the maximum, we’re finally getting some sane discussion on suitable tires for recreational cyclists. When it came to road tires, thin was in and [...]
Orinda Pool Party Recap (8/25)Twelve came for the ride and five more for the après-ride festivities for a total of 17 this year. I’ll admit that after last year I was ready to put the OPP on hiatus—we’ve been doing it for several years. But Roger insisted that we do it—n [...]
June 2014 DSSF Board Meeting Minutes (8/19)Date: Wednesday 18 June 2014 Time: 6:30 pm Location: 709 Noe Street, San Francisco Attendees: Sal Tavormina / President , David Gaus / Vice President, Ron Hirsch / Treasurer, Roger Sayre / Secretary, Jerome Thomere / Web and Blog Editor, D [...]

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