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Different Spokes Monthly Club Ride!

The 2nd Saturday of every month is the official monthly club ride to get out, ride, and socialize with the club! (Guests are always welcome). If you have a DSSF jersey, please wear it and show your pride!

There are two options which meet in Tiburon where we have lunch together as a group.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Option 1: Tiburon Loop Classic

Start: Peets in the Castro (16th and Market St)

Meet 8:45am, Roll out 9:00am

Distance: 48 miles

Pace: B/C

Terrain: 3 - Rolling Hills

This is a real fun loop with spectacular views! Ride from the Castro across the Golden Gate Bridge and down to Sausalito. From there you have a small climb over Camino Alto before you head out and around the Tiburon Peninsula. This ride is recommended for the intermediate rider.


Option 2: Short and Sassy

Start: Mike's Bikes Sausalito

Meet 9:45am, Roll out 10:00am

Distance: 24 miles

Pace: A/C

Terrain: 3 - Rolling Hills

Join us for a 'kinder, gentler' Tiburon loop! Starting and ending at Mike's Bikes at the south end of the Mill Valley-Sausalito Path instead of in SF cuts the mileage of the Jersey Ride in half to just *24* miles. This shortened route keeps the best part--Paradise Drive and Tiburon--and ditches the moshpit on the Golden Gate Bridge and the slog up Alexander, which is always into a headwind. Yes, you can eat dessert first!